Tracey Casseus

  • Graduate Student
  • University at Albany

I am at the University at Albany earning my Master’s Degree in History and Media because I want to learn how to share stories instituted in proper in-depth historical research while utilizing multi-media. I earned my bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ithaca College because I believe in the power of story-telling and the dangers of single story narratives. At the University at Albany I have been learning how to record and preserve oral histories. I have also been a lot from professors in the field of non-fiction storytelling, filmmaking, creative writing, proposal and grant writing, photography, oral history and public history. The History and Media program is broad and has allowed me to explore my interest in various aspects of media which is wonderful because I am able to fully immerse my thought and skills in a career centered on storytelling using various mediums. I have just completed my first documentary on urban housing in Albany, New York and am developing my master’s thesis on urban housing where I will develop my own website and produce the content which will include photography, an audio documentary, and video and games.